Being in the cleaning and restoration services business, we are often asked, “What type of stuff do you clean?” The answer is hard for us because we generally answer, “everything.” It’s difficult to always convey the wide variety of products we clean so it’s easier if we share some examples of the type of work we do.

In addition to cleaning any belongings you may have in your home or office building, we also clean things that you might not think are salvageable. In one case a large consumer products manufacturer contacted us to clean mildew out of carrying bags for their products.

This manufacturer had received thousands of dollars of inventory from China and Vietnam in the form of nylon bags. At some point during the overseas journey the containers carrying these nylon bags took on water. By the time the shipment arrived in the U.S. the bags had developed mold and were unusable.

Not wanting to wait another 12- 14 weeks for a new shipment, this manufacturer asked us to clean the nylon bags for them. In a matter of days the bags were cleaned and were like new.

Whether its water damage, flood damage, fire damage, smoke damage and yes, even mildew damage – we know how to clean and restore your clothing, rugs and other textiles.

Do you have uniforms or costumes, clothing or furniture that has sustained some type of water, smoke or fire damage? Chances are we have a solution to restore it for you!